"this is for you, a playlist for our adventures" 

Track Listing:

1. The Old World Has Ended - Evanescence

2. From the Ashes I Rise - Pitbull

3. Criminales Enamorados - Shakira

4. Hidin’ in Zona - Macklemore

5. p1r@t3pr0ph3tz - Skrillex feat. Deadmau5

6. HEIST - Daddy Yankee

7. It All Goes Right (Alternately, It All Goes Wrong) - Fall Out Boy

8. How Can a Woman Choose? - Adele

9. Jailbirds - Rihanna feat. Jessie J

10. girls Like me - SOPHIE feat. Janelle Monáe

11. HoleDivers (Spelunking 4U) - David Guetta feat. T-Pain

12. Shake It! - Metro Station

13. LUV/FUK - LMFAO feat. Ke$ha

14. Getting Away With It (What She Don’t Know) - Snoop Dogg

15. I Went to Miami and I Didn’t Even Get a BBL - Cobra Starship  

16. Gator $kin - Kreayshawn


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Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
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GenreInteractive Fiction, Adventure
Made withTwine
TagsComedy, Creepy, Female Protagonist, Horror, LGBT, Sci-fi, Spooky, Story Rich, Transgender

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This game lives rent free in my mind always. The cave section in particular is so, so good.

this is my favourite game thank you for blessing us with this